A long history of skill in the production of flora for food products.


Agrifood is BIOVITIS’ longest-standing economic activity. Historically, BIOVITIS’ industrial activity involving the production of flora for refining and flavouring foods launched OUR VISION for a big manufacturing group.

This operation continues to develop thanks to our continuous efforts to optimise production processes (liquid-state, semi-liquid-state and solid-state fermentations) and preservation, which gives us the expertise needed to ferment bacteria, yeasts and fungi, within the strict regulatory environment of agrifood industries. Consequently, we provide almost 30 products to the food market. The acquisition of new materials has ensured that BIOVITIS maintains its position at the cutting edge of innovation and is able to manufacture quality products.



If you have chosen a strain for use in the agrifood sector, BIOVITIS is able to develop the production process that best suits your microorganism.
We have the laboratory equipment needed to optimise growing conditions and monitor the strain’s stability over time. Our liquid-state fermentation equipment, with a capacity of 1L to 5m3, as well as our solid-state fermentation equipment, enables us to carry out large-scale fermentation studies.

Our R&D team continually researches new (Qualified Presumption of Safety) strains, focusing on activities relevant to food preservation in order to expand our range of products and meet your needs.

In the medium term, we aim to provide natural preservatives for cereal, products, vegetables, meat products, etc.

Bespoke production

BIOVITIS can manufacture your microorganisms for a range of agrifood applications, in line with existing regulations and your needs.