A natural answer to the social challenges of modern farming


To offer natural alternatives to conventional, chemical fertilizers and phytosanitary products: this is the challenge faced by Biovitis for the farming of tomorrow. By selecting microbial strains from agri-systems, and by studying their activities, we develop and offer products that stimulate plant growth and/or protect plants against pathogens.

our products
For use in organic farming

Field crops and industrial vegetables

Market gardening


Seed coating

Vines, arboriculture and red fruits

Gardens, vegetated areas, infrastructure (JEVI)



BIOVITIS’ commitment to promoting new farming practices by focusing on producing and sharing information relevant to this industry of the future has led to the creation of Club CERES®. Club CERES aims to:

  • INFORM prescribers about the impact of bio fertilizers, their positive effects on soil quality, research developments, regulatory advances, etc. 
  • UNITE sector stakeholders enabling them to meet and share their professional experiences, hope and desires on the use of bio fertilizers.
  • SHARE their experiences and promote widespread compliance with “good practices”. 


Académie des biostimulants