Microorganisms selected to reduce environmental footprint.


BIOVITIS specialises in producing fungal and bacterial flora that treat environmental pollutants.

The filamentous fungi selected, sometimes working with selected bacterial strains, produce high performance enzymatic compounds able to biodegrade a wide range of complex organic molecules that are often toxic to the indigenous microbial populations found in waste systems.

They thereby improve the performance of organic treatments, either by directly eliminating pollutant compounds, or by protecting the active microbial flora by breaking down toxic compounds.

BIOVITIS offers microbial solutions for a range of applications.


We have a range of standard products that are developed to suite the sector of activity.

For livestock, BIOVITIS offers microbial compounds that make it possible to treat bedding and optimise waste for spraying. Neutralisier® helps reduce the production of ammonia and increase nitrogen content, which is beneficial for spraying. Neutralisier® helps eliminate odours released by bedding in farms and during spraying, thus improving environmental conditions for the farmer and his neighbours. Find our hygienisation solutions for hay and bedding in the Agronomy range with Neutralitiere®.

For industry, as microbial augmentation is specific for each organic treatment, BIOVITIS designs specific, tailored microbial blends. Our engineers are available to analyse how your process works and to offer tool optimisation solutions.

MycoEpur® is a natural bio additive delivered in liquid or powder form.

The MycoEpur® range:

MycoEpur-L Dairy industry
MycoEpur-C Affiliated meat industry fish
MycoEpur-AB Slaughter, Please contact us
MycoEpur-PS Fish, Please contact us
MycoEpur-PTROL Petrol and petrochemical industry, Please contact us
MycoEpur-TXTIL Textile industry, Please contact us
MycoEpur-AAL Agrifood industry, Please contact us
MycoEpur-EMB Drinks - bottling, Please contact us
MycoEpur-AE Airports
MycoEpur-P Paper industry
MycoEpur-CS Sugar chemistry
MycoEPur-S Urban waste facility
MycoEpur-CH Chemical industry
MycoEpur-PH Pharmaceutical industry, Please contact us
MycoEpur-CP Composting
MycoEpur-SOL Polluted soil, Please contact us
MycoEpur-LAC Lake and estuary treatment
MycoEpur-METH Methanisation, Please contact us
MycoEpur-PLUV Storm and rain water collection drain, Please contact us
MycoEpur-BG Grease trap
MycoEpur-CAN Preventive and remedial drain treatment, Please contact us
MycoEpur-BOOST Seeding, re-start up of organic waste stations, Please contact us
Each organic treatment uses a specific form of microbial bio augmentation. Our engineers will meet with you to analysis how your process operates and make suggestions on how to optimise use of your tool.