Microbiology – Biotechnologies – Microorganisms – Isolation of strains – Fermentation – strain culture – Processing – Preservation.

In order to produce both our own and tailor-made products, we have set up a system that enables us to meet your demands and give us an edge over our competitors.

At your request, we implement programmes that involve research and development as well as the production of batches.

  • Isolation and identification of strains
  • Optimisation of manufacturing conditions
  • Quantification and optimisation of the manufacture of metabolites for fermentation
  • Manufacture of microbial products
  • Manufacture of microbial-based products

Each service relies on specific and complementary skills.


In order to meet user demand, BIOVITIS is continually researching new products with new or more powerful effects.

Our focus on innovation means that 20% of company staff is employed within our R&D department.

The department specialises in the development and optimisation of (liquid-state or solid-state) fermentation conditions for base microorganisms, as well as their preservation.

Microorganism and extract production

Our skill is founded on our experience in liquid-state and solid-state fermentation.

Fermentation is a delicately controlled process that enables the growth of a microbial strain while avoiding contamination and managing culture conditions. The production of each microorganism involves determining the fermentation parameters as well as the optimum growth environment.

Ferments are concentrated depending on their area of application. They can be processed in a liquid state, frozen or dried using lyophilisation. Natural additives can be used to improve preservation. A bioactive sample may be taken from the fermentation fluid. It is delivered in either dry or liquid form.


Our highly specialised equipment is in constant use. We have therefore trained a team to perform preventive and remedial works on all our tools.

The maintenance department works closely with external inspection bodies to ensure our machines’ maximum reliability and efficiency.


At BIOVITIS, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are a major consideration that are in our DNA.

In order to fulfil our tasks, BIOVITIS is structured around a QHSE service that is in charge of quality assurance (QA) and an analytical testing laboratory that performs quality control (QC) for our products (the Testing Laboratory). In addition, QHSE also manages all of the company’s Safety and Environment files.

Hazard analysis – critical control points

Thanks to its background in the food sector, BlOVITlS has from very early on based the management of its production processes on the HACCP method.

HACCP is an internationally used food safety tool. This initiative has enabled BIOVITIS to implement specific containment measures that primarily focus on a preventive approach. These containment measures have been defined and adapted for each product range and, in particular, make it possible to ensure the purity of strain products.

GMP Certification

In 2012, BIOVITlS was certified by the AMM (National Agency for Medicines and Health Products) as being in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice for the creation of test samples during clinical trials. The Good Manufacturing Practice compliance certificate was reissued for a further 3 years after the latest inspection was completed in December 2017.

Certificate No.: 17MPP100HF01.

Certification ISO22000

In 2018, BIOVITIS was awarded IS022000 certification. We are thus able to guarantee our core clients’ satisfaction and are now looking to work in new agrifood markets.