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Production of active ingredients, probiotics and metabolite derivatives. Biotransformation.


Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries have recently developed in close collaboration with GREENTECH, which specialises in the production of active ingredients of plant origin. This initiative upholds the GREENTECH ethos of providing natural microbial solutions (bacteria, yeasts and fungi) for health and wellbeing.

The use of microorganisms in cosmetics has experienced a boom following recent scientific advances about the importance of skin microbiota. BIOVITIS develops and offers active ingredients based on microorganisms’ amazing ability to restore the skin’s adaptive powers and strength.

BIOVITIS offers new developments destined for use in the pharmaceutical industry. These developments cover production processes for aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Our recognised expertise has grown through a number of partnerships and collaborations.
For example, BIOVITIS is heavily invested in the study of intestinal microbiota whether to treat irritable bowel syndrome or to offer solutions for neurodegenerative disease.

The ANSM (National Agency for Medicines and Health Products) awarded BIOVITIS GMP status (Good Manufacturing Practice) for its production of clinical batches of probiotics.


Cosmetic products manufactured by BIOVITIS are distributed through the GREENTECH Group. As well as the active ingredients developed, we also have products that harness the potential of probiotic strains.

BIOTILYS® strengthens and protects the cutaneous barrier and the skin against environmental stress. This active ingredient was the subject of an in-depth study of cutaneous microbiota.

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FERMENT’ ACTIVE, the power of plant activity enhanced by fermentation

FERMENT’ACTIF GOJI is an anti-oxidant and anti free radical protective shield that traps free radicals and prevents oxidative stress leaving the skin better able to fight premature aging. Reduces the signs of aging.

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FERMENT’ ACTIVE POMEGRANATE traps free radicals and reduces oxidative stress in cellular structures. Using this enhanced ability to fight environmental stressors, the skin is better able to fight premature aging.

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FERMENT’ ACTIVE RASPBERRY regenerates skin and hair, hydrates and restores radiance. Contains a high concentration of AHAs, FERMENT’ ACTIVE RASPBERRY, gently exfoliates the corneous layer and stimulates cellular regeneration.

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HEBELYS®: Derived as a result of the optimised fermentation of sphingomonas, HEBELYS® reduces the signs of aging, promoting the natural beauty of mature skin. HEBELYS® also has a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.

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Phytobioactive LACTOPHYT ® reduces the presence of bacteria responsible for underarm odour to provide comfort and freshness.

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Pharmaceutical services are offered in partnership with pharmaceutical companies wishing to develop new microorganism-based products.
Collaborative research is carried out over the long term and is always based on issues of current interest.