A quarter century of experience in the production of microorganisms and the creation of innovative ingredients for a range of markets.

Established in 2000, BIOVITIS is solely dedicated to the production of pure bacterial and fungal biomass and ingredients issuing from this biomass

BIOVITIS stands out for its proficiency in the production process, from design to sale of products.

To do this, BIOVITIS relies on its industrial fermentation tool (for liquid-state and solid-state fermentation), its R&D laboratory, and its technical and sales staff. The bacteria, yeast or filamentous fungi cultivated by BIOVITIS are primarily intended for use in the following sectors:

providing flora that encourages cheese ripening and flavour.

with 10 AMM (National Agency for Medicines and Health Products) accredited bio fertilizers suited to different types of crop: field crops, industrial crops, market gardening, vines, arboriculture, green spaces, lawns, etc. BIOVITIS also offers natural livestock solutions (treatments for bedding, manure and perimeters).

with a specific microbial blend designed to improve the technical and economic performance of waste treatment plants (increased waste efficiency and lower costs). These blends are intended for urban, agricultural and industrial use.

Health and wellbeing
With the production of probiotic strains and active ingredients based on microorganisms for Wellbeing and Health. BIOVITIS conducts advanced research on the properties of gut microbiota.



BIOVITIS has a large catalogue of microbial strains (over 500 available, and around fifty produced regularly). These are natural organisms that have not been modified in any way, unlike Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

This feature is critical to the success of BIOVITIS strains.

Since September 2019, a new research and production facility has been set up in Saint Beauzire within the Clermont-Ferrand Science Park. This includes an R&D laboratory employing 20% of company staff, and a production line equipped with three 50,500 and 5,000L bioreactors that increase production capacity six-fold. The new site means the company is able to respond to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry and, over time, will also allow for the addition of a new production line with the same capacity.

The wide range of equipment is suited to meeting the needs of BIOVITIS clients: 1.5L to 5,000L liquid-state and solid-state fermentation platforms, separation, filtration and freeze-drying tools, as well as analytical tools to identify active metabolic ingredients.

BIOVITIS has a presence in France and, since 2016, has been developing its export market to countries calling for our technology and skills.

BIOVITIS joins GREENTECH, GREENSEA et MAPRIC in Brazil, to form an industrial group whose focus is the use of biotechnology to exploit plant, marine and microbial resources.

Group influence



So that we can develop our R&D activities and launch new products, BIOVITIS works in partnership with many public sector research centres, universities and research bodies, as well as with private partners, manufacturing companies and private sector research centres.

By this token, BIOVITIS co-supervises doctoral theses through CIFRE (Industrial Agreements through training For Research), and is involved in ANR (French National Research Agency), FUI (French Single Inter-ministerial Fund) and other projects.



Saint-Etienne de Chomeil :
3,700 m2 including a 500 m2 testing laboratory, a 100 m2 analytical laboratory and a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production line.

Biopôle Clermont Limagne :
2,300 m2 of operational facilities that increases our production capacity with a line capacity of up to 5,000L.