Vines, arboriculture, red fruits

Agrades ® (AMM n° 1190123) :

• Improves soil structure
• Strengthens roots
• Promotes the development of crop residues
• Also suitable for acidic soil.

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Fongibacter ® (AMM n°1190122) :

• Supports the development of beneficial microbial life
• May lower soil-borne pathogens
• Supports nutrient availability (nitrogen, phosphorus)
• Improves plant growth.

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Nutrilis ® (AMM n° 1190145) :

• Breaks down organic matter (mulch)
• Stimulates root growth
• Supports nutrient availability (nitrogen, phosphorus)
• Detoxifies: breaks down organic pollutants (xenobiotic molecules)

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Nanéos ® (AMM n° 1190371) :

A product stemming from the partnership between GREENSEA and BIOVITIS, Naneos®est is a foliage fertilizer that uses micro- (Nannochloropsis oculata) and macro-algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) to provide a balanced supplement of micronutrients such as boron, zinc, copper and even molybdenum, which:
• Facilitates the diffusion and redistribution of soil nutrients through the plant
• Promotes photosynthesis
• Improves the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of vegetation
• Stimulates natural plant immunity
• Enhances the impact of rhizosphere microbial life

Hazardous. Follow the instructions for use.